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Washed sand


Quartz sand, zircon sand, glass sand, building sand, foundry sand, building materials sand, potassium feldspar dehydration

100-10000 Ton / day
Mesh size:
20-200 mesh
Density :

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Washing sand dewater screen install a special sprinkler system, the feed for multi-channel spray washing, so that the soil from the sand completely separated to ensure the smoothness of sand. The sand washing system can effectively reduce the amount of fine sand loss, so that it is controlled within 5% -10%,the maximum recyclable emissions of 85% of the fine particles of materials, with other equipment unparalleled technical and economic advantages, Can make the fine sand to be fully recovered, reducing the sedimentation tank, tailings of the workload, reducing the sedimentation tank cleaning costs. The treated fine sand by Sand washing system can meet the dry pile and transport requirements, is the first choice for the user to reduce production costs to improve the return on investment.

vibrating screen


Applicable materials


Quartz sand, zircon sand, glass sand, building sand, foundry sand, building materials sand, ceramic sand and so on.


Introduction of washing sand system


The fine sand and water slurry are concentrated to a concentration of more than 60% by means of a highly concentrated cyclone, and evenly enter the V-shaped inlet screen. First, a large amount of liquid is filtered out. Followed by the impact of power sources, forced sand movement forward separation of liquid control the formation of coarse sand layer, the second within the water filtration, fine sand from the water tension and coarse sand mixed into groups, and then grated sand stripping coarse sand filter Fast linear motion to row sand dry row, dry tailings water control within 10% -15%, so as to achieve the transport, dry pile, transport and other purposes.


Washing sand dewater production line


The washing sand production line is suitable for the application of hydropower, building materials, expressway, urban construction and other industries. It can be used for aggregate and artificial sand production of hard limestone, granite, basalt, river pebbles and slag. It is particularly suitable for special construction areas such as high-speed road surface material, high-grade road pavement gravel, high-speed railway passenger line gravel aggregate, hydropower station gravel material, port wharf and airport runway gravel material.



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    Mesh size:

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