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Steel Shot


Steel Shot

Mesh size:
Required equipment:

SZF series vibrating sieve, S49 series vibrating sieve

Equipment configuration:
  • S49-C旋振筛

    S49-C Rotary Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

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Steel shot is a kind of spherical particles which made by special material through a special heat treatment. Steel shot is a common surface treatment material, there is a wide range of steel shots, the raw materials and equipment required are also different for different types of shots. The main features of steel shot are following :

Steel shot is a kind of high quality wear-resistant material, hardness of steel shot is moderate, strong toughness, good impact resistance and long service life. It has a good rebound, clean up fast, low consumption When cleaning the workpiece . Steel shot are used in a wide range of applications, such as castings, forgings, machined parts and heat-treated parts. General manufacturing, shipbuilding, etc. Also need to use steel shot.

First, melt high-quality steel , wool, steel scrap, and then thrown the molten steel into the water which forming by centrifugal plate with high-speed centrifuge, the sharp drop in the surface temperature of the steel shots, which is a quenching. The quenched pellets are dried and reheated to a suitable hardness in the furnace and the temper treated steel pellets are sorted by mechanical screen into different grades according to SAE standard for shot peening equipment.


Screening aim


For size grading, rust removal for the workpiece, the particle size uniformity is high, so blasting steel shot manufacturers need to use the vibrating screen for particle size grading and larger particles removal, so as to ensure the uniformity of steel particle size.




According to customer needs to analysis


1. The first question is to clear the type of steel shot?
Steel shots are divided into: alloy steel shots, cast iron shots, glass shots. The commonly used screening equipment are round and rectangular vibrating sieve, but for steel shots screening, most people choose rectangular vibrating sieve, that is, "linear vibrating sieve".

2. How to choose vibrating sieve?
This needs steel balls manufacturers to confirm which specification is customers’ demand, if only for grading, the single-layer vibrating sieve can be used; if for grading and removing dust, you need to add a layer, it’s two layers vibrating sieve [three exits], and so on, the more specifications you need to select the appropriate layer. Large particles, big capacity demand generally use linear vibrating sieve;
Smaller particle size, high accuracy screening requirements, small capacity demand generally used S49 series vibrating sieve.

3. Precautions of linear sieve selection:
Linear vibrating sieve is generally divided into: 500mm-800mm-1000mm-1200mm-1500mm different width, according to their capacity from small to large, please consult sales about the details. Length can determine the accuracy, if you want to screen more clean, you have to use the relative length of the linear vibrating sieve!



  • S49-A旋振筛

    S49-A Vibrating Screen

  • S49-B旋振筛

    S49-B Vibratory Screen

  • S49-C旋振筛

    S49-C Rotary Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF直线直排筛

    SZF Straight Sieve

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