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Pellets Screening Solution

Solution introduction

The types of pellets include: immediate release pellets, sustained release or extended release pellets. Among them, sustained-release or extended-release pellets include: skeletal, enteric-coated and insoluble-coated pellets.

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Screening needs

  • Screening purpose: Classification
  • Equipment material: overall stainless steel
  • Screening mesh: 0.5-2mm
  • Screening capacity: 150-350KG/H


Pellets introduction

Pellets are spherical or spheroidal preparations with a diameter in the range of 0.5-2 mm. It has good fluidity, easy to fill capsules, loading capacity difference is small. Medicine release is stable, reliable, even and so on. With the further process development of modern pellets, the application of pellets in long-acting and controlled release preparations is more and more. The earliest preparation process of pellets is manual Pan-pill, such as traditional Chinese medicine Pan-pill preparation process consists of three stages: from the mold, molding, cover the surface, when prepared, add the right amount of cold water in the plaque (or prescribed prescription wetting agent), brush with a brush, sprinkle an appropriate amount of powder, shake and rotate the medicine plaque so that medicine powder evenly adheres to the plaque and is wetted, and then the brush will wet the powder gently brush down the plaque Into small particles, and repeated rolling in the plaque to mad small particles (mother nucleus), add water to wet, sprinkle powder so that the uniform adhesion in the mother nucleus.

Pellets classification

The types of pellets include: immediate release pellets, sustained release or extended release pellets. Among them, sustained-release or extended-release pellets include: skeletal, enteric-coated and insoluble-coated pellets.

Pellets features

(1) Beautiful appearance, good liquidity.

(2) containing large amount of medicine.

(3) easy to make sustained release, controlled release formulations.

(4) Medicine release stability.

(5) high bioavailability.

Production process

Rolling and repeated, until the size of the pellets obtained. This operation is more cumbersome, difficult to control for the main medicine content in the finished product, disintegration and so on, easy to cause microbial contamination, difficult to effectively control the process conditions. With the extensive use of pellets, its preparation technology has also been greatly promoted and developed, a variety of pellets methods continue to produce, the production process from the earliest hand-made to the development of semi-mechanized preparation, and has entered the fully automated preparation stage in 2012.
Pellet technology is constantly improving and perfecting, pellet preparation will play an increasingly important role in the modern pharmaceutical preparation industry. Because pellets have better morphological characteristics, good fluidity and clear medicine release characteristics, hard capsules, in particular the sustained-release, controlled-release capsule preparation powder, and particles will gradually be replaced by the pellets.
In all pellets' production processes, there is a binder solution (usually water, a mixture of ethanol / water or a solution of a polymeric material) that is quite wet and viscous before screening, increasing the difficulty of screening. During the screening process, the instantaneous movement of the pellets is a radial movement and a helical movement with a circular motion with the displacement as the axis. With the advent of a special sieve for pellets, the manual sieving problem is solved. Not only improve the work efficiency, more in line with the acceptance criteria

Screening purpose

Remove pellets like siamese twins, and different sizes pellets, the slag in granular materials and fine powder, to ensure uniform and complete particles, capsule filling clean, fast.

Whether you are still using manual screening machine to separate pellets?

Unfiltered pellets certainly can not pass the quality test, but in the process of artificial screening, the following of these existing problems, are you aware of it?
First, there is the risk of contamination, cross-contamination, confusion and error in manual screening production process, the quality of the product can not be guaranteed and it is hard to pass the new GMP standards.
Second, the manual screening of pellets, screening efficiency is difficult to upgrade, and the waste throwing serious in screening process, usually difficult to meet the production needs of enterprises;
Third, because of the huge workload, the manual screening need higher labor costs, and workers fatigue operation for a long time will further affect the work efficiency;
If you are already aware of these problems and are always looking for solutions, then you are finally grateful to find out for yourself in Gaofu!


Gaofu developed a special pellet sieve, the production capacity is usually 100-350 kg / h

Pellets sieve features:
1.A kind of screening machine which adopt artificial swinging principle design
2. No vibration, no noise, rubber spring transfer rocking force, gentle degrees, for wet pills, flexible pills are not damaged.
3. According to the characteristics of the pill tailored CNC cutting punching, bar welding, all kinds of silk weaving, in short, to ensure that no broken skin, not cutting edge, not stuck and not blocked.
4. the patent variable force swing board, match with material guide trajectory in the screen surface, production accuracy is not the phase g problem, double harvest.

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