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Light Alcium Carbonate Screening Solution

Solution introduction

Today, with the rapid development of the market economy, the demand for calcium powder is increasing. However, in the production system of calcium powder, large particles of materials or impurities appear, which affects the quality of the product. This screening problem has become It is a headache for manufacturers and engineers. They are all looking for the best screening equipment.
However, in the past, the screening equipment used by most manufacturers producing light calcium was mainly scraper screen, air separator and cyclone mill. These equipments have some disadvantages.

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Screening needs

  • Material:light calcium carbonate
  • Capacity:2ton一4ton/hour
  • Mesh size:120mesh
  • Equipment used:S49 Vibrating Screen


Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of traditional screening equipment

Advantages: relatively large output;
Disadvantages: There are flying dust, environmental pollution, easy breakage of the screen, and no guarantee of fineness; at the same time, flying dust during the production process causes a certain degree of harm to the health of production workers. It is easy to maintain, connected in series with the host machine, and has a compact structure.
Advantages: Can ensure the fineness of materials;
Disadvantages: large investment and high power consumption; at the same time, the grinding cavity is easy to stick and difficult to clean, and it operates without a screen, leaving too many impurities behind the screen.
Advantages: There is no screen loss and the output is relatively large;
Disadvantages: large power consumption, large volume, high equipment cost; at the same time, it is difficult to break up the agglomerated particles, the fineness of the finished product is not guaranteed, and fiber materials are easily mixed into the finished powder, resulting in no guarantee of product quality.

Gaofu Light Calcium Carbonate Screening System

In view of the shortcomings of the above three types of equipment, our company's scientific research and technical personnel developed and produced a special airflow screening system for light calcium based on the original airflow screening technology, and have successively obtained eight national patents (201620152957.2, 201520123881.6, 201520059834. X, 201420723024.5 200720089740.2…), which solved many problems existing in the light calcium screening process in one fell swoop and contributed to the calcium powder industry.

Working principle of Gaofu light calcium screening system
The dried light calcium powder is quantitatively sent to the coarse screen inlet via a screw conveyor, and large particles and foreign matter are first removed. Then it enters the main airflow screen and is accelerated by the rotating impeller and sprayed to the screen at a set guide angle. The calcium powder particles with a particle size smaller than the mesh aperture pass through the screen with the airflow and fall above the bottom plate of the lower part of the main machine. The guide stirs at the entrance of the exhaust duct. The finished calcium powder that has passed through the screen here enters the cyclone separator with the air flow. The calcium powder falls into the silo and is discharged into the packaging bag by the packaging machine. The gas with a small amount of calcium powder is sent into the bag dust collector by the induced draft fan. The gas is discharged A small amount of calcium powder is sucked into the cyclone separator through the pipe from the bottom of the dust collector, and is circulated into the packaging machine. The cyclone separator has high efficiency.

Real scene of light calcium carbonate screening system

Application industry

In addition, calcium carbonate plays an important role in the paper industry to ensure the strength, whiteness and low cost of paper. It can play a certain role in the cable industry. It can also act as a friction agent for toothpaste.


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