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Glass powder, Glass beads, Glass fiber

Mesh size:
8mm-150 mesh
Required equipment:

SZF series linear vibrating sieve, S49 series vibrating sieve, S49-A ultrasonic vibrating sieve, GFBD-1000 tumbler screen, Standard test sieve

Equipment configuration:
  • SZF-C直线筛

    Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • S49-B旋振筛

    S49-B Vibratory Screen

  • GFBD-B Tumbler Screen

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As the performance of glass is better than inorganic non-metallic materials, and has its own good insulation, high temperature, corrosion resistance and good characteristics, more and more applied to the various areas of the national economy. But different industries have different requirements on the glass powder, glass beads and glass fiber, such as: the size of glass powder particle is different, the length of glass fiber is not the same, the size of glass beads is different, the use is also very different, which requires vibrating sieves to grade different glass raw materials according to the use, thereby enhancing the performance of glass products.


For different types, different uses of glass powder, Gaofu company provides you with the most suitable screening equipment to solve your current most difficult screening problem:


1. Crushed galss powder vibrating screen:
Mesh size: 8mm-0.106mm
Capacity: 300-15000kg/h
Program: S49 vibrating sieve, S49-A ultrasonic vibrating sieve, SZF linear vibrating sieve
Device application description: Used glass --- crushed --- sieving --- high temperature solid state reaction


2.Glass beads:
Mesh size: 13mm-0.6mm
Capacity: 500-2000kg/h
Program: S49 vibrating sieve, GFBD tumbler screen, SZF linear vibrating sieve
Device application description: Clean glass - crushed into glass sand - into the 1200℃ temperature furnace firing - using high temperature conveyor conveyor - sieving - packaging


3.Glass fiber:
Mesh size: 8.5mm- 150mesh
Capacity: 300-2000kg/h
Program: S49-A ultrasonic sieving machine, SZF vibrating sieve
Device application description: Glass ball or waste glass --- high temperature melting --- high temperature drawing glass round wire --- grinding --- screening --- used in different industries


  • S49-A旋振筛

    S49-A Vibrating Screen

  • GFBD-A摆动筛

    GFBD-A Tumbler Screen

  • S49-AC Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF-A Vibrating Separator


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