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Fruit Juice Screening Solution

Solution introduction

The pulp of medium-sized oranges is also strictly screened. Their screening requirements are not based on the size of the particles, but to ensure that the amount of juice in the pulp is consistent. The purpose is to ensure that each bottle The amount of pulp in each orange is consistent because the pulp added to the juice is added by weight. When the amount of juice contained in the pulp is inconsistent, the number of fruit pulp is definitely not consistent.


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Screening needs

  • Material:Fruit juice, fruits and vegetables, fresh dates juice, coconut milk
  • Capacity:6-10 m³ / hour
  • Mesh size:40-80 mesh
  • Equipment used:S49 Vibrating Screen

Process flow

Raw materials --- washing - crushing - juice extraction --- screening (coarse filtration) ----- clarification and screening (fine filtration) - homogeneous and bleaching --- concentration ---- adjust and mix ---- sterilization


Introduction of fruit and vegetable juice

For consumers, the berry contained in the fruit juice not only enjoy the taste, but also bring a visual impact, how does it can produce better results? The uniformity of berry size affects consumer taste directly.
Jam: The brand jams we eat that should be screened, the jams is difficult to screen because the high viscosity, classic customers: Moodly food.
Material characteristics: Fruit and vegetable juices are squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants, usually, enterprises can be understood as fruits and vegetables juice based on fruits and vegetables, through sugar, acids, flavors, pigments and other products, because Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can effectively supplement the human body with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, it can adjust the coordination of human body function, enhance cell vitality and gastrointestinal function, promote secretion of digestive juice and eliminate fatigue. From the point of food technology, it is generally considered that fruit and vegetable juices are obtained by using fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables (some also using dried fruits) as raw materials, after being washed and selected, and subjected to physical methods such as squeezing, leaching and centrifuging, known as fruit and vegetable juices. Therefore, fruits and vegetables juice are also called "liquid fruits and vegetables".

Fruit and vegetable juice screening purposes

Granule flesh in granules orange also has a rigorous screening, the size of the particles doesn’t their screening purpose for their screening needs, but to ensure that the amount of fruit juice in the pulp, and in order to ensure that each bottle with same amount of berry. Because the berry is added by weight, when the berry contains in the fruit juice is not same, the number of fruit is certainly not the same.

Customer Testimonials

Classic customer: Fujian Zhenfu juice.
Fruits and vegetables: We drink apple juice, peach juice are blended with the original fruits and vegetables, the original fruits and vegetables do not contain water, more sticky screen only 40 mesh -60 mesh.

Classic customer: Shaanxi Tianyuan Fruit Industry Co., Ltd.
Fresh jujube juice: Usually we drink red jujube juice are made of chemical products, jujube juice is jujube green jujube viscosity more jujube more sifting purposes: the need to remove part of jujube meat affect the taste. Mesh: 40 mesh

Classic Client: Ningxia Yinchuan Fruit Industry Co., Ltd.
Coconut milk: We usually drink milky coconut milk, it is filtered through a screening machine for processing after packaging, screening purposes: the need to remove the fine fibers inside the coconut juice so as not to affect the taste. Mesh: 80 mesh

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