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Ceramic slurry Screening Solution

Solution introduction

A high-performance, low-energy slurry-specific filter screen and filter screening machine designed for ceramic mud thick slurry and highly viscous materials that are difficult to screen. This screen machine has a single mesh design, the screen mesh has a long service life, and the discharge port is designed on the vibrating body, so the discharge capacity is large. The screen frame is heightened to prevent slurry from splashing! The motor bearing adopts a sealed maintenance-free aluminum shell vibration motor, which has the characteristics of long service life. Ceramic mud filter screen is mainly used for filtering ceramic mud and electric porcelain mud.
Ceramic glaze has high viscosity, low fluidity, and difficulty in filtering and screening impurities. High-frequency vibrating screens are generally used to filter and screen impurities. The high-frequency vibration force breaks the tension of the high viscosity and allows the glaze liquid to pass through. After passing through the screen, the impurities that cannot penetrate the screen are automatically discharged from the discharge port with vibration. When purchasing a ceramic glaze filter screen, you also need to choose a vibrating screen with large processing capacity, high screening accuracy and long service life.

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Screening needs

  • Material:Ceramic slurry, ceramic glaze


Ceramic process

First, kaolin, ceramic powder and other raw materials are ground by a ball mill according to the proportion of ceramic formula, and then sieved through the first vibrating screen. At this time, the mesh number is about 30-50 mesh. The sieved raw material enters the slurry tank, and then the water is thoroughly mixed by the mixer, and the discharged slurry is sieved through second vibrating sieve. At this time, the mesh number is between 80 and 325 mesh. The number of meshes depends on the requirements of the product. The resulting slurry is then placed in a ceramic kiln for drying into ceramic granules, which are then formed by a press and then calcined into a kiln. After polishing, uranium is required for uranium bricks. Uranium is filtered by a vibrating filter during uranium application.

Ceramic slurry screening and filtration purpose

Filter ceramic glaze or ceramic slurry to remove impurities

Ceramic Slurry Vibrating Screen Introduction

Ceramic slurry vibrating screen (GFGL slurry filtration sieve) is a widely used filter screening equipment, it is used for screening of ceramic slurry, environmental protection, sewage and oil paint and other materials. The particulate impurities remaining in the slurry can be filtered out, which greatly improves the quality of the ceramic product.

Ceramic Slurry Vibrating Screen (GFGL Slurry Filtration Sieve) is a screening equipment independently developed by our company on the basis of original slurry special sieve, through technical improvement and a large number of experiments. The ceramic vibrating sieve is an energy-saving equipment. The vibration source is made of energy-saving aluminum shell and maintenance-free vibration motor. The upper frame of the product is heightened and open; the outlet is designed on the vibrating body, which is more conducive to discharge. The single-grid structure design reduces friction with the parent grid and makes the screen mesh with longer life. The bottom frame and the vibrating body are integrated to reduce the consumption of the motor excitation force.

Ceramic Slurry Vibrating Screen (GFGL Slurry Filtration Sieve) Features

1.GFGL slurry filtration sievespecially designed screen frame, the height of the frame is higher, preventing the slurry from splashing;

2. Sandblasting/spraying (optional) treatment for vibrating body and screen frame, to ensure better anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect, the equipment can use longer;

3. The ceramicslurryvibrating screen without cover, it is easy to observe the screen surface, the outlet can be adjusted 360 degrees, easy to use, and the installation adaptability to the site is relatively strong;

4. Adoptmature single-netwith double-hoop screen frame, and the outlet of the sieved material is located on the vibrating body, which accelerates the discharge speed and has higher efficiency in per unit time;

5. Working in a fully closed state, the working environment is good, the liquid does not leak, the mesh is not blocked, can be up to 500 mesh, and the filtration mesh can reach 5 μm;

6. Adopt high-capacity sealing ring to prevent slurry leakage;

7. the bottom tube can be designed according to user requirements, no need to install the foundation, very convenient.

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