Ultrasonic vibrating screen is one of the common light-duty vibrating screening equipment. The ultrasonic vibrating screen is upgraded based on the production process of three-dimensional rotary vibrating screen. This model can perform better than the three-dimensional rotary vibrating screen. Screening and grading of materials with strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high static electricity, light specific gravity and other characteristics.

1、When cleaning the ultrasonic vibrating screen, the temperature should be between 30℃-50℃. If the temperature is lower or higher than this temperature, the cleaning effect will not be optimal;
2、Cleaning fluid is required to clean the ultrasonic vibrating screen. The higher the viscosity of the cleaning fluid and the higher the gas content, the cleaning effect will be better;
3、When cleaning the ultrasonic vibrating screen, the sound intensity should be around 1w-2w/mm², because the sound intensity is also an important factor affecting the cleaning effect of the equipment;
4、When cleaning the ultrasonic vibrating screen, attention should also be paid to the location of the object to be cleaned and the depth of the cleaning fluid. When the location of the cleaning object is relatively hidden, the depth of the cleaning fluid should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the target location can be cleaned.
The cleaning work of the ultrasonic vibrating screen should be planned and strictly implemented as the focus of maintenance. Because the ultrasonic vibrating screen mainly screens high-quality and fine powders, a clean operating environment can effectively improve the screening effect and screening accuracy, and can also effectively to extend the service life of the screen machine.
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