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Sunsine chemical holdings

Material:rubber additive

Mesh size:60mesh

There are four steps in the production process of rubber auxiliaries: the raw materials are condensed, oxidized, washed, dried, sieved, and packed, because in the above production process, Inevitably there will be equipment on the wall of the residue or other foreign bodies into the material, so the final must be sifted to ensure the quality of the material.

However, the material itself has poor fluidity, is easy to be adsorbed on the screen, and the production requirement is still large, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the production system with a general screen machine. According to the above actual conditions, we have developed the airflow screen. As long as this equipment is connected in series in the production system, that is, between the dryer and the packaging machine, the whole system is sealed, dust free and environmentally friendly, the air path is used to run, the problem of blocking the net is solved and the output is still large, and the manpower is saved. If you are still helpless in the industry of auxiliaries, please choose the airflow screen of high clothing, which will make your products in an invincible position in the market competition!

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