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*** Pharmaceutical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Material:Panax pseudo-ginseng removal

Mesh size:100 mesh

Equipment configuration:Centrifugal vibrating screen

*** Pharmaceutical Industry Group Co., Ltd. manufactures Chinese and Western medicines; the company operates the export business of self-produced products and related technologies of the enterprise; the raw and auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment, instruments and meters, spare parts required for the production and scientific research of the enterprise and related technology import business; plastic bottles, cosmetics, Chinese medicine pharmaceutical machinery manufacturing, processing, sales; car freight

Screening purposes: Panax pseudo-ginseng removal

Capacity: 100kg/h

Screening mesh: 100 mesh

Material: SS304 stainless steel

Model: Drying - Vacuum conveying - Screening

Screen: S49-AC-800-1S*3 set

Client feedback

The company's products need systematic production, no dust, and long-term cooperation with Gaofu company, the equipment quality is good, trustworthy

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