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Beijing Tongrentang

Material:Chinese medicine powder

Mesh size:80 mesh
Required equipment:WSA-18-65 centrifugal vibrating screen

Beijing tongrentang is a century-old Chinese shop, which is the pride of all Chinese."Although the processing of the complex will not be able to save labor, the taste is not dare to reduce the material power", tong ren tang's strict requirements on the purchase and production, achieve its century-old shop.

Like all traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers, tongrentang is also faced with the problem of removal of the fiber after the pulverization of Chinese herbal medicine. It has been used artificial screening, which has low efficiency, Chinese medicine powder waste more, so it can not be mass-produced.As an established enterprise in the screening industry, Gaofu has the honor to overcome this technical difficulties with tongrentang, and the WSA18-65 and WSA-30-100 horizontal airflow screen solve this problem.

Customer evaluation
Gaofu is a really fine sieve professional manufacturer in China, to meet customer demand, continuously research and development, improve product process,the reason why we choose Gaofu because of high dose and high cooperation is a like tongrentang on strict product quality, continuous innovation to meet customer demand.
Gaofu is indeed fine screening industry professional manufacturers in China, to meet customer needs, and constantly research and development, improve product technology, cooperate with Gaofu because of Gaofu company and Tong Ren Tang has the strict requirements of product, continuous research and innovation to meet the needs of customers business.

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