Baotou Jinghua Calcium Metal Industry - Xinxiang Gaofu Machinery Co., Ltd

Baotou Jinghua Calcium Metal Industry

Material:Alloyed powder

Mesh size:1mm-3mm
Required equipment:Rotary vibrating screen、ultrasonic vibrating screen 、Closed screen

Baotou Jinghua Metallic calcium Industry company with limited liability Uses SZF-525-3S-Q235AU ,1 units,set S49-1200-3S-Q235AU ,1 units, SZF-525-3S-Q235A ,1 units and S49-1200-3S-Q235A,1 units. The screening efficiency of GaoFu sieve machine is up to 95%, it is convenient to replace screen, now it is strict in environmental protection, but the equipment of GaoFu is sealed, dust pollution is small, our environmental protection is up to the standard, and no need to worry about stopping work and rectifying.

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