Spring is coming!
Spring to April, in full swing, like the poetry like the painting, the beauty to the extreme, the beauty to be intoxicated.
Have you been tempted to take the beauty of the spring?Have you been practicing your spring tour with your family and colleagues?Now, the "Gaofu’s Spring" mobile photography contest has begun! Send us the beauty of your photos from cell phone, and the opportunity to win the prize!

[Mobile photography contest]

First, the theme of the event: "Gaofu’s spring" as the theme, the photography content needs to be the scene, feeling, people and things that happen in the factory of high service company! As long as the theme can be related!
Second, the event time: April 5 - April 30
Third, the object of participation: all Gaofu workers as well as related customers.
Fourth, the submission method: take a good photo, the product reported to the way WeChat message. Search WeChat public service " Gaofu machinery", concerned about the subscription, point to open the dialog box, enter "I want to contribute", you will receive automatic reply submissions specific information, according to the prompts to submit, works to write the title, the author's real name , Contact telephone number and the company, department they belong to.
Fifth, the requirements of product

1.Shooting product must focus on the theme of "Gaofu’s spring", must be shot by cell phone, photography content must be Gaofu company plant scene occurred in the scene, love, people, things!

2.The number of articles submitted this contest is not limited, declined group photo.

3.Products upload format JPG files, photos not more than 2M. Photo only for brightness, contrast, color saturation and the appropriate adjustment of the composition cut, can not use the computer to synthesize, add, drastic changes in color and other technical processing.

4.Warmly welcome Gaofu company's customers to participate in submissions.

[Mobile photography contest]

Sixth, other requirements

Participants should ensure that they are the entries of the copyright owner, if the entries including but not limited to, rights, reputation, privacy, plagiarism, etc, a legal dispute, its responsibility undertakes by the participants themselves, nothing to do with the organizer.

The photos will not be returned, and the organizer reserves the right to use the winning photos for publicity, exhibition, broadcasting, network transmission, etc., and will not pay any more.
Seven, works selection
We will award a number of first, second and third prizes based on the quantity and quality of the submitted works. Prizes will be awarded to the winners.
How, heart did not? Do not hesitate, hurry to Gaofu machinery WeChat submission! Let's witness the story of spring!