Magnetic material screening

Magnetic material screening solution

Solution introduction

The precision and fineness of magnetic powder particles are important factors that affect the performance of magnetic composite materials and also determine its market value. Therefore, in the magnetic powder production process, the screening process is an important link. However, due to the high hardness and strong viscosity of magnetic materials, Characteristics such as easy clumping and easy flying make the phenomenon of magnetic powder clumping and clogging the network particularly serious during the screening process. At the same time, problems such as flying dust on site, environmental pollution, and loss of raw materials using traditional screening processes have always been a major problem in the production of magnetic materials. Troubled. Engineers from Beikang Magnetic Materials have also gone through many experiments, using vibrating screens, ultrasonic screens, or using air separation and similar air flow screen equipment. They only perform rough screening, and it is difficult to carry out effective screening. Not only is the output low, but the particle size exceeds the standard. , and the dust is flying and the pollution is serious.

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Solutions to magnetic material screening problems

Gaofu Company has developed and produced a special screening machine system for magnetic materials based on the characteristics of magnetic materials. Since the special screen for magnetic materials adopts vertical mesh installation and airflow atomization spraying technology, it solves the screening problem of magnetic materials that are highly viscous and easy to block the mesh. The entire screening system adopts a negative pressure cycle design and is equipped with dust collectors and other equipment. , that is, the problem of dust and pollution is solved, the waste of raw materials is eliminated, and the environment is clean and the economic value is harvested.

Screening equipment recommendations

The WS series airflow screening machine adopts a vertical mesh installation method. The material enters the screen machine from the feed port. Under the action of the material's own gravity, air is used as the carrier. The material is mixed with the air through the negative pressure air flow and then enters the screen machine's wind wheel. middle.

Sufficient centrifugal force is exerted by the wind wheel blades to spray the barrel screen through the screen. The finished materials are collected together through the cyclone collector. The impurities that have not passed through the screen are automatically discharged from the slag discharge port, thereby achieving the purpose of rapid screening. The airflow screen is connected in series in the powder machine and packaging machine, which not only solves the screening problem, but also solves the problem of dust emitted by the positive pressure of the powder machine.

WS series airflow screening machine

WS series airflow screening machine

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