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Feed additives – Sulfuric acid


Amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, enzyme preparations, antioxidants

Mesh size:
Required equipment:

S49 series vibrating sieve, SZF series vibrating sieve

Equipment configuration:
  • S49-B旋振筛

    S49-B Vibratory Screen

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

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A small amount or trace of substance added during feed production and processing and use of feed additives is seldom used in feed, but it has a significant effect. Feed additives are essential raw materials for the modern feed industry. They have obvious effect on strengthening the nutritional value of basic feed, improving animal production performance, ensuring animal health, saving feed cost and improving animal product quality.


Types of trace Element Feed additives


Additives: amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, enzyme preparations, antioxidants.
race elements: Mainly copper, zinc, iron, manganese, iodine, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium, chromium and other elements. These elements have a comprehensive function of regulating the body's metabolism, promoting growth and development, improving carcass quality, enhancing resistance to disease and improving feed conversion rate, such as ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, calcium carbonate, iodine iodide, sodium chloride etc.


Sieve aim of sulfuric acid feed additives


Sulfuric acid feed additives are usually crystals, which are sieving through drying, so the purpose of screening is to remove the crystals or blocky crystals that are adherent in the drying process.

Mesh size: 10-60mesh;
Capacity: 5000-10000 kg/h
Suitable machine: S49-1500/S49-1200/S49-1000/S49-800 one layer, two layer or three layer;
Machine’s material: Because of the slight corrosion of the material, most customers choose the contact material as SUS304 stainless steel, and some customers also choose Q235A carbon steel to save cost.
Type of screen frame: Z model screen frame, because the different types of animals, the needs of buyers are not the same, so a wide range of such additives, generally in order to change the network convenience, it is recommended that customers choose the type of Z model;
Material of Gasket: Rubber gasket



  • S49-B旋振筛

    S49-B Vibratory Screen

  • S49-C旋振筛

    S49-C Rotary Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF-A Vibrating Separator

  • SZF-B Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

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