Nucleotide screening

Nucleotide screening solution

Solution introduction

In order to be easily absorbed by the human body, nucleotides have relatively high requirements for uniform particle size. Gaofu has made micro-innovations on the basis of ultrasonic vibrating screens to truly meet the particle size requirements for nucleotide screening. Nucleotides have a variety of important biological functions. Nucleotides are easily absorbed by the human body and can promote blood circulation, improve brain function, promote metabolism, strengthen the system, and improve immunity. It is generally used in pharmaceutical synthesis, as an additive in infant formula milk powder and other foods.

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Nucleotide process flow

Raw materials - hydrolysis - precipitation - filtration - fermentation - filtration - drying (crystallization) - grinding (drying) - screening - packaging.

Nucleotide screening purpose

Classify and obtain products with uniform particle size.

Screening mesh size and material characteristics

Screening mesh size: 60 mesh, 80 mesh, 120 mesh, 150 mesh

Material characteristics: white crystal or white crystal powder, easy to block the network and absorb moisture.

Difficulties in Nucleotide Screening

1. The mesh aperture is unqualified and the particle size of the screened material is not up to standard;
2. The conventional rotary vibrating screen is easy to block the screen, and the jumping ball has little effect on clearing the screen, resulting in low production efficiency;
3. Equipment stability directly affects production efficiency.

Solution and advantage analysis

1. Ultrasonic screen cleaning: improve screening efficiency and reduce the frequency of screen blocking;

2. Screen standards and product qualification: Gaofu uses national standard abrasive grade screens with standard screen apertures, so there is no problem of rework or downgrading due to uneven particle size;

3. Equipment stability: Gaofu Company has 36 years of screening experience, and the ultrasonic vibrating screen has multiple patented technologies (certificate number 200820148446.9) to ensure equipment stability, continuous operation, and reduce or avoid delays in delivery due to delivery deadlines.

4. Improved production capacity and increased output value: For a single piece of equipment, the original ordinary rotary vibrating screen has a production capacity of 50Kg/h. The current Gaofu ultrasonic vibrating screen has a production capacity of 100Kg/h. The product market price is 150 yuan/Kg and the working time is 8h/ days, the output value increases: (100Kg/h-50Kg/h) * 8h / day * 150 yuan / Kg = 60,000 yuan / day, calculated based on 350 days a year, the total increase in production value is 21 million yuan.

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