Graphite screening

Graphite screening solution

Solution introduction

Graphite is an allotrope of the element carbon. Each carbon atom is surrounded by three other carbon atoms (arranged in multiple hexagons in a honeycomb pattern) and combined with covalent bonds to form a covalent molecule. Because each carbon atom emits an electron, and those electrons can move freely, graphite is a conductor of electricity. Graphite is one of the soft minerals whose uses include pencil lead and lubricants. Carbon is a non-metallic element located in Group IVA, the second period of the periodic table of elements.
Processing materials: natural graphite, artificial graphite
Output: 200kg-500kg
Screening mesh size: 250 mesh-350 mesh

Graphite screening equipment is also called graphite powder screening machine. The graphite screening machine mainly uses ultrasonic waves as the vibration source, which can expand the output.

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Graphite characteristics

It has a lighter specific gravity of 0.3-0.8, a fine particle size of D90 below 20 microns, is easy to clump, and has good fluidity.

Graphite process flow

Batch mixing-screening-iron removal-packaging

Core advantages of Gaofu graphite special screening equipment

1. The one-to-four screening system can solve the problem of inability to expand screening output;
2. The quality of the equipment is stable and the equipment is not easily deformed, saving time in cleaning and maintaining the equipment;
3. The quality of our built-in ultrasonic is relatively stable compared to rival products, which can save customers a lot of equipment maintenance costs;
4. Compared with other manufacturers, the difference in output of a single screen machine is negligible. However, other manufacturers mostly use 1-to-2 screening systems, but we recommend using a 1-to-4 screening system to double the output (we use 4 screens, other manufacturers use 2) and the screening accuracy is also higher.
5. The main structure of our screen machine has a long service life.

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