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Domestic Sewage Filtration Screening Solution

Solution introduction

Generally speaking, when filtering domestic waste water, especially in oil fields, people are highly mobile, so sewage treatment is generally designed on mobile vehicles, so the appearance and dimensions of the equipment also have special requirements; then the operability of the equipment must be considered , convenience and overall height and voltage, etc.

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Screening needs

  • Material:drinking water
  • Capacity:3 cubic meters/hour
  • Mesh size:80mesh
  • Solid content:<10%


Domestic sewage treatment process

Domestic sewage - add flocculant - enter the vibrating screen machine to filter - put into the 200 mesh filter membrane to filter - put into the activated carbon filter bucket to filter - test the water whether compliance, if compliance can be directly discharged into Hanoi.

Filter purpose

Removal hair, shampoo and some plastic bag things in domestic waste water.

Effective analysis accoring to customer needs

1.The first question to consider is what is the filtering purpose of customer by using vibrating screen machine?
Sewage treatment, the general vibrating screen machine used for primary filtration purposes, the initial impurity removal, so the general selection of the filter mesh is 60 mesh, 80 mesh or 120 mesh, the maximum number of filter mesh is 200 mesh.

2.Feeding material pipe diameter size?
The size of the feed pipe diameter directly determines the size of the vibrating screen selection, if the feed pipe diameter is too large, the liquid flow rate will be too large, the selection is too small will lead to liquid filtration not completely; if the feed pipe diameter is too small, and Screening machine large selection, will lead to a large part of the liquid can not be evenly distributed on the screen surface;
In general, feeding pipe diameter between 50-80mm, the general choice is 600-800mm equipment;
Feeding pipe diameter is 80-150mm, the general choice is 1000-1200mm screen equipment;
Liquid filtration in the selection of the general process can not exceed the maximum 1200mm, so replace the screen and the operation will be more convenient.
3.How much flow rate?
Flow rate is the capacity that a device can filter in an hour. This should be based on the solid content of the filter fluid to calculate, if the solid content is <20%, then the selection can be based on diameter of the feeding pipe; If the solid content> 20%, this depends on the material viscosity (CPU) , The greater the viscosity, the slower the liquid filter on the screen surface, the smaller the viscosity, the faster the liquid filter on the screen surface.

According to the final demand of customers to recommend programs

1. To recommend the final solution to the customer, on the one hand is to consider the mesh of filters, feeding pipe diameter, filter volume, but also consider the customer site requirements. Generally speaking, when you filter domestic waste water , especially in oil fields, the mobility of personnel is relatively high. Therefore, sewage treatment is generally designed on a moving vehicle. Therefore, the external dimensions of the vibrating screen also have special design.
2. This is the customer for oil field workers bathing, because of the nature of the oil field workers, staff mobility, sewage treatment is also on the mobile car, then we must consider the operation of the vibrating screen, convenience and overall height and voltage.

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