Almost all people realize the importance of customer relationships, but building good customer relationships is a gradual process, not a one-way process. To establish this kind of everlasting relationship with customers depends on mutual understanding and love. Here's how we're getting our old customers and finding new customers organized by our "GAOFU company”

1.Service is to maintain customer satisfaction, loyalty and effective measures.
Yunnan company is our company's old customers. In 2006, they purchased a machine. During the follow-up visit, we found out that they are very satisfied with our products and it can meet their needs. The configurations do not need to be updated anymore. However, we did not put them aside, but after some time Call or text message greetings, festivals do not forget to send blessings! Twice a year later, there is a saying goes, friends may not be inseparable, but must be sympathetic, friends may not always contact, but we must remember!

2.Good service to win the "word of mouth" spread, easy to achieve secondary sales.
Some time ago, we received a call from supply manager Ma, he ask the same type of screen machine and price, he would like to introduce to friends, since I was introduced to the old customers, but also the same model, it must be directed at our quality. Later, Mr. Ma's friend said: "I was listening to my friend who said that your company has a very good screening machine. In the screening machine manufacturers we used, the best quality, performance and service, buy your products, I rest assured! "After listening, very touched! Because our biggest wish is to get the customer's approval! From this point, we have a deeper understanding that in modern marketing, which brand has a good reputation of consumers, it is the winner.
Old customers is a well, make good use of these resources, orders will be the same as well water; old customers are gold, because they can create many times for you the value and profit! Our "Gaofu vibrating screen" unchanged purpose is: high-end quality, sincere service. Here, we sincerely look forward to work with you to work together for China's industrial development to create more brilliant.

Editor: Xinxiang Gaofu Machinery Co., Ltd.

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