On the afternoon of December 21, 2016, "Flagship Plan, The Future You Can Touch - 2016 Baidu Annual Customer Appreciation & 2017 Ruizhi Strategy Conference" was opened at the Sheraton Zhengzhou Hotel. Xinxiang Gaofu Machinery Co., Ltd. in the meeting was honored as "Glory Star", in recognition of Gaofu stunning performance in the Internet tide.

The conference has been a deep analysis of the changes that the Internet has brought to companies and how companies are lending to the Internet.

During the long period of 2016, the tide of real economy shut down from the whole country spread to the zhengzhou market.The Times have changed, whether it is the lesson of the unforgettable or the strategy of retreat.Some people think that "jack ma" has killed the real economy.Some argue that the real economy was lost to high rents…In the market economy under the bad premise, some enterprises have successfully transformed themselves with the Internet.

Xinxiang Gaofu company, in-depth screening mechanical research for 35 years, the company develop and product various types of screening equipment the successfully, whose named "King of all-round screening" . The company has ten series of product resources, hundreds of national patent technology, thousands of classic cases, tens of thousands of cooperation customers, it is the truly leader in China screening industry . From the probability screening, to accurately broken, and then to dust-free screening and filtration, stratified layers of strict screening, build intelligent screening system, Gaofu does its best.

As a high-tech enterprise in China's screening industry, Gaofu Machinery abides by the three core elements of quality, efficiency and environmental protection that customers need, builds a customer research center, a customer technical service center and a customer product design center to implement QA quality management. Gaofu provide customers peace of mind high standard value-added services in project development, program design, Seiko production, on-site delivery, etc., With the advantages of the Internet, it has attracted more customers from all over the world and achieved remarkable success in the industry.

Gaofu Machinery will continue to excavate technology and business innovation models, to create a new ecology of the Internet and open up new vitality in the 2017 Internet tide.