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Which vibrating screen is used to remove impurities in the paint?

Post Date: 2018-07-10

First, the problem
Industrial pigment production process, the system rigorous, well-equipped sophisticated, determines the value of its fineness, so the manufacturers are pursuing the fineness of the product. Stable product quality, is the fundamental business survival, and can guarantee the prerequisite for product quality, procurement of qualified production equipment. But the absolute purity is difficult to achieve, that is, it is difficult to do in Japan. So no matter how good the product, it is necessary to sieve before packaging. Generally use the traditional vibrating screen machine, but the pigment is nano-level fineness, sticky and light, reunion into particles, it is difficult to screen, together with the large dust, both waste raw materials and pollute the environment, almost cancel the screening process and packaging directly, but the product contains industrial impurities directly affect the quality of the product, and also caused the claim for export.
Second, the program
Use centrifugal sifter to remove impurities is a good idea, many clients in China use the machine, the effect is very good. They say it's like adding an extra lung to the system, purifying the foreign material in the raw material. Specific is very simple, in the air mill, the wind air election, the wind election broken air duct, in series, the matching centrifugal sifter to achieve the purpose of filtration and impurity removal, of course, can also be a separate increase in centrifugal sifter system, When you see the impurities from the sieve, such as thread, impurities, caking, screws, hair and other foreign matter, you can rest assured that our products are no problem, is a qualified product.