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Which condition affect Airflow screen screening efficiency?

Post Date: 2018-07-10

There are many conditions that affect the effectiveness of the material screening when we selected airflow screen. Today, Gaofu company organize this issue and share with everyone. Hope to help those who are using or about to use airflow sieve.
First of all, the impact of production conditions. Screening efficiency is low when the load on the air-flow sifter is high. To a large extent the rate of sieve capacity depends on the sieve size and the total screening efficiency. The larger the mesh, the lower the screening efficiency, the higher the productivity.
Second, the nature of the screen surface and its structural parameters. For certain materials, the screen machine productivity and screening efficiency depends on the sieve size. Productivity depends on the screen width, screen wide cause high productivity. Screening efficiency depends on the screen surface length, screen surface long cause screening efficiency high.
The general aspect ratio is 2. The effective screen area (ie, the ratio of the area of the screen to the area of the entire screen surface) is larger, the higher the unit area productivity and the screen efficiency of the screen surface.
Finally, the physical properties of the material. Which physical properties of the material include: the particle size of the material composition, humidity, clay content and particle shape.
When the fine material particles content is large, the sieve productivity is also large. When the humidity of the material is larger, the screening efficiency will generally be reduced. However, the larger the size of the sieve, the smaller the impact of moisture, so for moisture-containing larger wet materials, in order to improve the screening process, generally you can increase the sieve approach, or use wet screening. Material containing mud large(when the mud content is greater than 8%) should be used wet screening, or pre-washing.
Summary: In fact, whether it is air flow sieve or linear vibrating screen or triple vibration sieve, the above conditions are applicable. When the vibrating screen is installed, it should be adjusted according to the actual working conditions and the physical properties of the material.