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Vibration motor shell charged leakage how to deal with?

Post Date: 2018-07-10

Vibration motor is an important part of most of the vibrating screen equipment, vibration motor as the excitation source offer vibration for the vibrating screen, so the vibration motor is very important role in the work. During the process of using vibrating screen, we all should inspect and maintain the parts and components, especially the vibrating motor on a regular basis, and the problems should be promptly eliminated, to avoid the malfunctioning of the vibrating motor and the vibrating screen, which will cause more damage to the equipment.
Vibration motor occasionally shell live, leakage fault when it work, resulting in production safety hazards, then how to effectively eliminate or avoid vibrating motor causing leakage accident? If you want to rule out or avoid such failures, we should first analyze why there is such a failure, knowing the reason, the problem is solved:
To solve vibrating screen’s vibration motor housing live leakage fault method:
1, the cause of the malfunction: poor grounding power;
Solution: Carefully check the ground wire to find the site of poor grounding and correct.
2, the cause of the malfunction: the power cord and ground wire connection error;
Solution: Carefully check the power cord and ground wire to find the error and correct.
3, the cause of the malfunction: Lead insulation aging damage;
Solution: Replace the lead wires directly or use the insulation tapes to retighten the lead wires.
4, the cause of the malfunction: winding end top cover ground;
Solution: Remove the end cover, find the grounding point, wrap around the grounding point to be wrapped insulation and paint treatment, the use of insulating paper lining the inner wall of the end cap.
5, the cause of the malfunction: vibration motor winding moisture or insulation aging damage;
Solution: The damp vibration motor for drying, aging insulation damage should be updated.
6, the cause of the malfunction: severe wiring board dirt.
Solution: Replace the wiring board or the wiring board for cleaning.
Overall, the vibration motor housing live leakage of all the above reasons have been included, the corresponding solutions are also listed, hoping to help customers in need.