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The technique of improving the efficiency of vibrating screen

Post Date: 2018-07-10

There are many unstable factors in the course of the use of vibrating screen, we propose several ways to improve the screening efficiency, hoping to help the majority of users vibrating sieve, and solve your screening problem
1. To improve the open area of the sieve, high opening rate is conducive to improving the screening effect; usually stainless steel welded sieve opening rate can be high attention.
2. To adjust the feeding method, it must be feeding along the full screen, it be sure to make full use of the screen surface;
3. Reduce the screen blocking rate, consider using a self-cleaning sieve, such as the spring bar screen or screen to add anti-clogging device.
4. If possible, consider adjusting the angle of the screen machine, the appropriate angle is conducive to reducing the thickness of the material to achieve thin layer screening.
5. Conditions permitting, wet screening, which is to improve the screening effect of the most effective method.
6. For vibrating screen, consider adjusting motor weight method to improve screening effect;
7. For dry screening, to control the incoming water strictly, when the water is too high, you can consider ingredients screening.
8. If possible, add a fixed sieve in the inlet, coarse screening.