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The professional knowledge of screening machine

Post Date: 2018-07-10

1. S49-A series vibration sieve inlet and outlet connection and whatis the best way to place the installation of screening machines?
A: (bag) flexible connection;
2. What is motor power of complete WS seriesairflow sieve various parts? How to place the sieve machine?
A: The machine body power: 4.5 5.0 5.5kw

Fan power: 4.0 4.5 5.5kw

Cyclone collector: 0.75kw

Because the airflow sieve machine does not vibrate itself, but also through the repeated test machine, to determine the best location of the three parts to ensure smooth air duct, get the best screening results; if the screening material has changed, still need to change the three positions, so the air flow Sieve without fixed, it can be placed on the ground level.
3. Commonly used explosion-proof motor protection level;
dIIBT4 - IP44

dIIBT4 - IP55

Common explosion-proof motor for air sieve, vibrating sieve and circular vibrating screen using ordinary motor equipment.

Common motor protection level is IP54

Gas flameproof flag YB

Dust flameproof flag YEB

4.The difference between common motor and vibration motor:
Common motor: National uniform standard, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs, but electricity, high base.
Vibration motor: need specially-assigned person to repair; energy saving, low base, easy to assemble and assemble;
Both use the same effect, the cost is quite, arbitrary choice according to the use of .