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The 4 kinds of tips for vibrating screen accessories choice in Gaofu

Post Date: 2019-07-27

The advent of the vibrating screen greatly saves labor and production costs, then how to select the vibrating screen parts, so that the vibrating screen really reached a high quality, high efficiency of production needs?

Vibrating screen consists of vibration motor, screen, frame, bearing, bouncing ball. Most of them are wearing parts, regardless of the damage will affect the screening effect and efficiency, these parts replace more frequent, which requires vibration sieve users to select suitable spare vibration sieve accessories.


  1. Choose vibrating screen spare partsvibrating sourcevibrating motor

Vibration motor is the core components of the vibrating screen, also named exciter. Exciting force is determined by the size of the vibration sieve size and material properties, handling capacity. Different weight and capacity has the different vibration motor size. If the excitation force is too large, vibration screen will appear cracking phenomenon because of too large excitation force. On the contrary, excitation force is too small, will be not up to treatment effect, may also appears material accumulation and blocking phenomenon of the network.


2. How to choose vibrating screen sparescreen mesh

Screen mesh is indispensable accessories for vibrating screen, it is in direct contact with the material. Generally, the screen mesh material of vibration screen are: 316L, 316, 304 stainless steel, according to different screening material, it should be select different screen.316L (316) for acid, alkali or for medicine and food screening, and 304 is ok for no special requirements of screening material.


3. Select vibrating screen support spare parts--bearing

Bearing is vibrating motor or exciter support, it is one of the most critical components in vibrating screen equipment, its main function is supporting mechanical rotary body, reduce the friction coefficient and rotation accuracy in the process of vibration sieve running. Therefore in pick bearing should note the following points:

  • check the bearing inside and outside with no cracks, impurities, rust;
  • when rotating without noise, whether there are muddy surface grease;
  • check the bearing clearance, size is within the error range


4. Select vibrating screen spare partsCleaning devicebouncing ball

Bouncing ball has the role of cleaning the material blockage in the vibration sieve. Bouncing ball is divided according to the size: 10mm,15mm,20mm,25mm,28mm,30mm and 40mm. divided according to the material: rubber for sieving general material; silica gel: elasticity better than rubber, good wear resistance, not easy to fall off. Usually applied in food, medicine and other material screening