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Dry powder mortar

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Probability sieve

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  • 概率筛

    GLS Probability Screen

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Shandong Yuanyou heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd (Yuanyou heavy Industry) was established in December 2000. It mainly produces HZS series concrete mixing plant, HLS series concrete mixing station, LB series asphalt mixing station, WCQ series stabilized soil mixing station and HBT series concrete conveying pump. Concrete mixing truck, pile machinery and other construction machine products.


The traditional existing mortar is mainly composed of field sand, stone and cement. The quality of the product is difficult to control, the urban road pollution is serious, the construction speed is low, and the construction method is backward. Workers with high labor intensity and many hidden dangers of safety accidents in construction; dry mixed sand Because of its remarkable superiority in quality, efficiency, economy and environmental protection, pulp has quickly occupied the market of new building materials in China.


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The probabilistic sieve developed by the team of GaoFu Company solves the demand that the dry mortar sieving depends on imported sieve machines from abroad and fills up the blank in the screening process of domestic dry mortar production line.


  • 概率筛

    GLS Probability Screen

  • SZF-C直线筛

    Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF直线直排筛

    SZF Straight Sieve


  • 机制砂

    Dry mortar

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