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Refractory material

Mesh size:
Required equipment:

Probability sieve、Linear screen

Equipment configuration:
  • 概率筛

    GLS Probability Screen

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

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Shandong Wanbang New material limited company is located in Dongming County Development Zone, Heze City, covering an area of 60 mu (40000 square meters). The project is located in the central part of North China Plain, and the regional advantage is very significant. The products are mainly plate-shaped corundum powder and pellets. Downstream products include plate-shaped corundum bricks, petrochemical inert filler balls, high-purity alumina ceramic balls, etc. The products are mainly sold to Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang and other places, some products exported to foreign countries. The plate corundum produced by the company conforms to the national standard. Compared with the foreign products of the same kind, the quality of corundum is complete can replace the import product, the product is in the international advanced level.


Customer evaluation


The field configuration GLS-1020-5S-Q235A, 5 units, SZF-1020-2S-Q235A 6 units, I am very grateful for the GaoFu to provide us with good equipment, so that we can ensure production, quality has also achieved more than 99% qualified rate, if the expansion of production, we also set GaoFu equipment.


  • 概率筛

    GLS Probability Screen

  • SZF-C Linear Vibrating Sieve

  • SZF直线直排筛

    SZF Straight Sieve


  • 耐火材料


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