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Aluminium paste


Aluminium paste

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Aluminium paste Introduction


Aluminium paste, English name: Aluminium paste Alias: aluminum paste, flash paste, silver paste. Its main components are flaky aluminum particles and petroleum solvents, was a paste. Its features are smooth aluminum surface, Concentrated particle size distribution, shape rules, with excellent light reflection and metallic luster, mixed with transparent color pigments, the film has a significant "flop" effect, the decoration is very gorgeous beautiful.


Aluminium paste application industry


Aluminum paste is widely used in automobile paint, motorcycle paint, bicycle paint, plastic paint, architectural coatings, inks, cell phone cases and keys, mechanical and electrical enclosures, electrical enclosures, metallic paint, and many other areas, but insoluble in water-based paint, silver paste Is a solvent type.
Aluminum paste is mainly used for automotive coatings, weak plastic coatings, metal industrial coatings, marine coatings, heat-resistant coatings, roof coatings,and so on. In the past two or three years, China's aluminum-silver paste products have also started to use the fine spherical aluminum powder as the raw material, and we have made significant technological breakthroughs, but the performance of their products, the coating effect and other aspects can not be achieved the level of similar abroad products.


Aluminium paste process


Ball Mill Grinding - Magnetic Separator - Vibrating screen - Filter Press Degreasing - Mixer Mixing - Testing - Packaging - Storage


vibrating screen vibrating screen


Aluminium paste customer requirements for effective analysis


The first standard, 800mm model aluminum paste sieve, this vibrating screen have extensive use in the aluminum paste industry, performance and operation, 99% customers have been recognized, so we just made improvement and upgrade on the details, the device currently has customers using stainless steel material machine for screening of high-end products.
The second standard, UF special aluminum paste screen, this vibrating screen has two combinations and three combinations. The advantages of this device: combined layout, small footprint, rational layout, high screening efficiency.
The third standard, square box aluminum paste screen, the advantage of this vibrating screen is very tightness, can meet the EU ATEX explosion-proof standards.


Aluminum silver screen’s safety and environmental protection


1. Our 800mm model aluminum silver paste dedicated screen, all use explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof standard DIIBT4, protection standards IP55, insulation class F, fully meet the standards of explosion-proof aluminum paste industry.
2. Seals and cleaning device material is PTFE, can be used in 200 # solvent oil and won’t degenerate for long-term use, do not pollute the material.
3. Painting: the contact material part are made of carbon steel galvanized, the surface will not contaminated materials due to contact with aluminum paste to fall off.
4. Equipment sealed without leakage, to meet environmental needs.

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