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Alloy powder


Alloy powder

100-200 Kg/h
Mesh size:
80-500 mesh
Required equipment:

S49 series vibrating sieve, S49-AC ultrasonic vibrating sieve, Closed vibrating sieve

Equipment configuration:
  • S49-AC Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

  • S49-B旋振筛

    S49-B Vibratory Screen

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Alloy powder is a metal powder formed by the partial or complete alloying of two or more components. Alloy powder is mainly composed of iron alloy powder, copper alloy powder, nickel alloy powder, cobalt alloy powder, aluminum alloy powder, titanium alloy powder and precious metal alloy powder. It also can be used to improve the wear resistance of the workpiece surface or to repair the size of wear parts and composite anti-friction materials for automotive applications, with the powder superalloy technology used in aerospace manufacturing, milling, there is a higher request about powder processing technology.


Screening purpose


Removal of impurities, that is, remove the size of the powder particles exceeding the requirements, slag and inclusions, etc., to further improve the quality of the powder.
1.Coarse particles alloy powder
Generally, S49 series vibrating sieve can meet the requirements;
2.Ultrafine particle alloy powder (high mesh)
Due to its strong adsorption, easy to reunion, high static, high precision, high density, light weight and other characteristics, it needs to use ultrasonic vibrating sieve to meet the requirements.

Customer Reviews


High screening efficiency, high precision, large output; easy to clean, easy maintenance; save unnecessary expenses; Eliminating the conventional screening method of powder caused by pollution and wear. Normal operation, to eliminate the causes of man-made damage; 2 months for an ultrasonic transducer, cost 6500 yuan per unit cost, single ultrasound cost is 39,000 yuan per year, combined with our customer feedback ultrasonic transducer use time is at least 6 months, according to a single ultrasound transducer a year can save customers about 26,000 yuan expenditure, if you use more ultrasonic vibrating sieve, the cost you save is even more unpredictable.


  • S49-A旋振筛

    S49-A Vibrating Screen

  • S49-AC Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

  • S49-B旋振筛

    S49-B Vibratory Screen

  • S49-C旋振筛

    S49-C Rotary Vibrating Sieve

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