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  • Weihai Thermal Power


    Weihai Heat and Power Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned company which integrates heating, power generation, real estate development, etc. In May 2012, Shandong Weihai Heat and Power Group publicly bid for coal crushing equipment. At that time, as many as 12 suppliers participated in the bidding and 4 major types of coal shredding equipment, our Gaofu machinery also participated in the competitive bidding war. After Shandong Weihai thermoelectric bidding group ...

  • 鲁西化工

    Luxi Group


    Luxi Chemical Group Limited by Share Ltd is a state-owned large chemical enterprise group. It is a comprehensive chemical industry enterprise integrating chemical fertilizer, chemical and chemical equipment and installation. It is one of the largest chemical industry enterprises in the country. Because it is a large chemical enterprise, it is very strict with the safety of the equipment. The equipment is very careful and careful. After the early exploration and use of the ...

  • 联邦制药

    United Laboratories


    Federation Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd. is part of Federal International Holdings Limited (Hong Kong Stock Exchange 3933), founded in April 2007, is the largest federal pharmaceutical investment, the most complete industrial chain production base, The current size of the machine is 5 × 260t/h high temperature and high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler. In 2011, two sets of GF4PG350 and GFBTS350 were ordered for high gear roller crusher and GaoFu ...

  • 理文造纸

    Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing


    As one of the world's leading producers of board paper and pulp, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities, particularly in the area of environmental protection. In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by papermaking sludge, Liwen papermaking adopts the method of mixing coal and burning paper sludge to treat the sludge. When wet sludge is mixed into coal, dry coal becomes wet coal with high viscosity. ...

  • 南海洁能

    Nanhai Jieneng


    Foshan Nanhai Cannon Investment holding Co., Ltd is located under the west woodcutter mountain and the west river in the famous "4A" scenic spot of the country. After decades of development, it has become a power generation, heating, water supply and sewage treatment. Coal water slurry preparation industry-based comprehensive enterprises. Its subordinate enterprise Nanhai Jieneng fuel Co., Ltd., the original use of the 200-ring hammer crusher. ...

  • 兰花科创

    Shanxi Lanhua Sci-tech Venture Co., Ltd.


    Shanxi Orchid Technology Venture Co., Ltd. (A Ticker:600123)is the first coal listed company in Shanxi Province and the only listed company in Jincheng. It has developed from a single coal enterprise to a coal production company, focusing on coal and chemical fertilizers. Fine coal chemical industry and other diversified industries in one of the modern enterprises, chemical fertilizer raw materials coal base in the country is one of the large enterprises. ...