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  • 石英砂生产线

    Pingdingshan Quartz Plate Line


    Before the use of ordinary straight screen, a single unit processing capacity per hour a few tons, far from the screening requirements, not enough for the sand machine processing capacity. We designed 4 mesh -16 mesh for the customer to use the probability sieve to carry on the classification the remaining small part finished product to carry on the subdivision with the straight line screen, has saved the equipment investment at the same time has achieved the enhancement screening efficiency. ...

  • 黎明重工

    Liming Heavy Industry


    Dawn heavy Industry is a well-known brand in China's machinery manufacturing industry, which belongs to Henan Liming heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. Dawn heavy Technology is a production of large, medium series crusher ...

  • 上海世邦



    There are certain limits on natural sand resources, and a large amount of exploitation will affect the natural environment for a long time. With the continuous development of economic construction in China, natural sand can no longer meet the diversified requirements of construction sand. The round vibrating screen used in sand making line is mostly used in stone line. For 4.75mm with fine machined sand, the screening accuracy is too poor to reach the standard of use. There are certain limits on natural sand resources, and a large amount of exploitation will affect the natural environment for a long time ...

  • 山东圆友重工

    Yuanyou Machinery


    Shandong Yuanyou heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd (Yuanyou heavy Industry) was established in December 2000. It mainly produces HZS series concrete mixing plant, HLS series concrete mixing station, LB series asphalt mixing station, WCQ series stabilized soil mixing station and HBT series concrete conveying pump. Concrete mixing truck, pile machinery and other construction machine products. ...

  • 中联重科



    The traditional existing mortar is mainly composed of field sand, stone and cement. The quality of the product is difficult to control, the urban road pollution is serious, the construction speed is low, and the construction method ...

  • BGRIMM Magnetic Materials


    The production process of magnetic materials is complex, and it is inevitable that there will be caking, industrial impurities and secondary pollutants entering into the raw materials, which will affect the quality. Therefore, the final screening must be carried out. Due to its high hardness, high viscosity, easy to clasp and easy to fly, it is difficult to solve the screening problem in the production process. The engineers of the north mine have also made many experiments, using vibrating screens, ultrasonic screens, or equipment using air separation and similar airflow sieves. ...