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  • Yangpu Kangtai Metal


    Alloy powder is a metal powder formed by partial or complete alloying of two or more components. According to the composition of alloy powder, there are mainly ferroalloy powder, copper alloy powder, nickel alloy powder, cobalt alloy powder, aluminum alloy powder, titanium alloy powder and precious metal alloy powder. It can be used to improve the wear resistance of workpiece surface or repair the size of worn parts and compound antifriction materials used in automobile. With the application of powder superalloy technology in aerospace manufacturing industry, higher requirements for powder making and powder treatment technology have been put forward. ...

  • 合金粉

    Baotou Jinghua Calcium Metal Industry


    Baotou Jinghua Metallic calcium Industry company with limited liability Uses SZF-525-3S-Q235AU ,1 units,set S49-1200-3S-Q235AU ,1 units, SZF-525-3S-Q235A ,1 units and S49-1200-3S-Q235A,1 units. The screening efficiency of GaoFu sieve machine is up to 95%, it is convenient to replace screen, now it is strict in environmental protection, but the equipment of GaoFu is sealed, dust pollution is small, our environmental protection is up to the standard, and no need to worry about stopping work and rectifying.

  • 钢丸

    Jinyun Deke Steel Shot


    Jinyun Deke Steel Pill Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of steel pellets, stainless steel balls, aluminum pellets, zinc pills, cutting balls, metal powders, and the field use of S49-800-4S-Q235A ,1 unit and S49-600-4S-Q235A 2 units and sets of 4-layer equipment with a total of 12 grades of multi-layer screening. ...