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  • 山东万帮新型材料

    Shandong Wanbang New Material Co., LTD


    Shandong Wanbang New material limited company is located in Dongming County Development Zone, Heze City, covering an area of 60 mu (40000 square meters). The project is located in the central part of North China ...

  • 濮阳蔚林化工

    Puyang Ullin Chemical Industry


    According to the above actual situation, we have developed an airflow screen, and this equipment is only in series in the production system, that is, placed between the dryer and the packaging machine, so that the whole system is airtight, dust-free, ...

  • 果壳活性炭

    Chengde Shuanghui Activated Carbon


    Site situation:

    Chengde Shuang Hui Active Carbon Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise in China to use abandoned fruit shell resources, as raw material, to produce high quality fruit shell activated carbon, and has a wide range of uses. For their different uses, types and different forms of activated carbon, we have formulated different screening schemes for them to improve the product essence. Degree, solving the working environment of the workers. ...

  • 安徽拓力工程材料科技

    Anhui Tory Materials Technology Inc


    Site situation:

    Anhui Tuoli engineering materials technology co., Ltd is located in Bengbu high-tech development zone of china's non-metallic material science and technology base. It is a scientific and technological enterprise that mainly develops and produces ...

  • 泰山玻璃纤维

    Taishan Fiberglass


    Taishan Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. is one of the top five glass fiber manufacturing enterprises in the world and one of the three largest glass fiber manufacturing enterprises in China. The total amount of glass fiber and its products ...

  • Yuanfeng Calcium


    The air flow screen system of Gaofu mechanical air way is mainly composed of coarse screen, main engine, cyclone collector, pulse dust collector. The Gaofu mechanical air flow screen effectively solves the dust flying, pollutes the environment and the screen is easy to break, the fineness is not guaranteed, and the electricity consumption is large. Product pass rate and other problems. After more than 100 tests and technical improvements, the Gaofu machinery has developed and produced a light calcium special airflow screening machine, and has obtained eight patents successively, which has made outstanding contributions to the calcium powder industry. ...