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  • Central kitchen flour feeding system


    Gaofu flour feeding system to complete the automatic flour feeding process from flour to the kneading machine to realize the visualization of the source and ensure the automation of the overall project. ...

  • Flour screening and impurity removal solutions for bakery, collective restaurants and hotels


    【Bakeries, hotels, schools, corporate restaurants】A lot of flour is used every day. In order to ensure food hygiene and healthy eating, avoid foreign objects or certificates carried in the outer packaging of flour from entering the production process, and improve the fluffy degree of flour. There will be a second screening of the flour. ...

  • Dust-free safety solutions for food factories


    Most of the raw materials of food factories are transported in bags, and some companies do not screen the raw materials before use. This becomes a hidden danger of food safety. From the perspective of food safety and hygiene, screening of raw materials before use is necessary. ...

  • 海马饲料



    Site situation:

    Hippocampal Company has been established for more than 30 years, committed to the development and marketing of high-grade aquatic feed. Because there are a wide variety of feed types, very strict requirements for subdivision ...

  • Nanjing Food Machinery Co., Ltd


    With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the public's food safety and hygiene requirements are getting higher and higher. The major food enterprises control the food safety from the source of food production. Before the flour feed into the dough mixer, it is need safety protection screening, to prevent foreign matter into the next process, and ultimately cause food safety problems, causing consumer complaints. ...