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GFBD-B Tumbler Screen


Metal, metallurgical powder, etc.


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High Yield Screening
Screening Efficiency Maximized
Thick & Fine Particles Accurate Grading
Five decks screening is available, the diameter is from 600mm to 2600mm; For a single grade of products, expertise can help you get double or even higher production capacity in the same machine. The principle of tumbler screen is usually compared with simple hand screening. Smooth acceleration match with low speed operation to ensure that the material is always rolling on the screen surface. Especially for dry and low-density particles; it also reduces the wear of the highly abrasive products to the machine, especially to the mesh. The material is fed from the center of the machine, diverging outward along the helical curve. At the same time, as the vertical acceleration increases, the fine particle product is forced through the screen surface.
Reduce Fragile Material Damage
Rapid Maintenance, Low Cost
Low Noise, Low Energy Consumption
Hand screening can give the material a gentle treatment. GFBD tumbler screen reproduces the same movement perfectly, used in a variety of situations to avoid particle damage. The machine dismantled and install just need 15 minutes, the machine can be operation at full capacity continuously in 7 days * 24 hours. Major wearing parts include: screens, seals, rubber balls or brushes. Due to its simple modular design and low speed operation, the noise of the GFBD tumbler screen remains at 60 ~ 70Db, to ensure smooth and quiet operation.

Working Principle

Tumbler Screen

Tumbler screen is an imitated hand screening with low-frequency rotary vibrating screen, its principle is: instantaneous movement of the radial displacement and the displacement of the axis of the circular motion of the synthesis (spiral motion), you can adjust the excitation of the eccentricity Produced

Non-linear three-dimensional movement, the material also produces the same approximate manual operation, so as to achieve the screening purpose, it can be got more ideal screening results if match with the screening accessories

Suitable for the material of round shape, cylindrical, flaky, and even easy blocked regular shape and precision screening.


Tumbler Screen


Model Dia.(mm) Area(㎡) Angle(°) Layer(s) Power(kw)
GFBD-600 Φ600 0.21 0-10 1-5 0.75
GFBD-1000 Φ1000 0.66 0-10 1-5 1.1
GFBD-1200 Φ1200 0.98 0-10 1-5 2.2
GFBD-1600 Φ1600 1.81 0-10 1-5 4
GFBD-2000 Φ2000 2.80 0-10 1-5 5.5
GFBD-2400 Φ2400 4.15 0-10 1-4 5.5
GFBD-2600 Φ2600 5.31 0-10 1-4 5.5
GFBD-3200 Φ3200 7.50 0-10 1-4 11

Tumbler Screen

Tumbler Screen


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