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De-ironing separator


Food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, rubber, dyes, etc.


Used to remove ferromagnetic impurities from dry powders, flakes, granules, liquids, etc.


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The de-ironing separator is divided into a drawer type de-ironing separator, a rotary type de-ironing separator, a pipe de-ironing separator, and a flat de-ironing separator. It is a device that can generate strong magnetic field attraction. It can remove the ferromagnetic impurities mixed in the material to ensure the safe operation of the crusher, grinder and other mechanical equipment in the conveying system.


De-ironing separator is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, rubber, dyes and other fields for the removal of ferromagnetic impurities in dry powder, flake, granular, liquid and other materials.


  1. The range of magnetic options is: Normal (N style) up to 12000 GS and easy to clean (E style) up to 8000 GS.
  2. The inlet and outlet can be designed as flanges or circular interfaces, which can be easily installed on various pipes.
  3. The standard working temperature is ≤80°C. Under special requirements, the maximum working temperature can reach 350°C.
  4. The magnetic frame can be provided in single layer, double layer or multiple layers according to customer requirements.
  5. Materials are available in 304 and 316L stainless steel.
  6. The structure of the de-ironing separator can be designed according to customer requirements.

The rotating magnetic bar prevents blockage of material agglomerates.

The bare structure is easy to quickly clean iron filings.

De-ironing separator                     De-ironing separator                      De-ironing separator

Drawer type de-ironing separator                                                Rotary type de-ironing separator                                                           Pipe de-ironing separator


De-ironing separator


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