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Bag Dump Station


Unpacking, placing, screening and unloading of small bag materials in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical industries


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Easy to clean
Environmental protection
Safe Production
Easy to clean, GMP standard design. The feeding platform is in a negative pressure state, dust-free and environmentally friendly, and the materials in the feeding process are not lost. The operation of the feeding process is safe, the labor intensity is reduced, to protect the personnel safety.
Docking production line system
It can be connected to conveying of positive pressure/negative pressure to feed the production line.


Product description

When the small bag material needs to be unpacked and poured into the next process, it only needs to be unpacked by hand and put into the system. The material dust generated during the feeding is collected by the dust collector fan.The material can be intercepted by vibrating screen (safety screen), so as to ensure the granule to enter the next process.


Application Range

The equipment is suitable for food, pharmacy, chemical industry, small and medium-sized bag material unpacking, dropping, screening and discharge, especially suitable for less liquid material feeding and screening, due to the effect of dust collection fan when unpacking, can avoid the material dust flying everywhere.

Bag dumping station




Screening Area Power(KW) Speed(r.p.m) Dynamic load Static load Vibrating force(KN) Flow Wind pressure


0.42 2*0.18 1460 800N 1500N 2.5*2 1550-997


GF-1000 0.64 2*0.25 1460 500N 2500N 5*2 1550-997



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