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We provide you all accessories of fine screening equipment (rotary vibrating sieve, linear vibrating sieve, straight sieve, centrifugal sieve, tumbler screen, etc.), model complete, reliable performance.In addition, high – definition accessories pictures, quick online inquiry, let you at a glance, one step in place.Welcome to negotiate!

  • 立式防爆振动电机

    Explosion-Proof Vibration Motor

  • 立式防爆振动电机

    Vertical Explosion-Proof Vibration Motor

  • YZSL立式振动电机

    YZSL Vertical Vibration Motor

  • YZS振动电机

    YZS Vibration Motor

  • YZUL立式振动电机

    YZUL Vertical Vibration Motor

  • YZO振动电机

    YZO Vibration Motor

  • JZZ激振器

    JZZ Series Exciter

  • 仓壁振动器

    Hopper Wall Vibrator

  • 冲孔板

    Punching Plate

  • Cleaning Ball

  • 挡球圈

    Cleaning Ring

  • 密封件


  • Screen Mesh

  • 弹簧


  • 粘结网架

    X Model Screen Frame

  • 子母网架

    Z Model Screen Frame

  • 托球板

    Ball Plate

  • 防尘盖


  • 中格

    Middle Frame

  • 底格

    Bottom Frame

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