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Linear vibrating screen motor’s included angle

Post Date: 2018-07-15

1)Currently, linear vibrating screen motor angle design is 45°,40°,30°,20°and so on, normal use 45 degrees, 40 degrees; liquidity is very good products selected 30 degrees, such as spherical), linear material screening use angle of 20 degrees below (for example, aluminum magnesium alloy slices)

2)Angle of the sieving machine: 0-10 degrees, normal circumstances is 0 degrees, when poor flowability, better screen material, not need to add bouncing ball was selected the linear vibrating screen with included angle, linear vibrating screen angle according to the diameter of the screen, the flow of materials, sieve length of the machine to determine; for example, 5mm slag, sieve machine dip in 3-5 degrees is the best.

3)When the linear vibrating screen surface angle >5 degrees, It must guard against to install the bouncing ball.

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