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Linear vibrating screen installation commissioning and operation

Post Date: 2018-07-10

First, the installation:
1.Before installing the linear vibrating screen , first check if the machine is complete and damaged parts according to the packing list.
2.Equipment installation in accordance with the installation diagram, the foundation should have sufficient rigidity and strength to support the all dynamic and static load of the vibrating screen.
3.To ensure that the linear screen box and the hopper, chute and other non-moving parts should maintain a minimum gap of 75mm.
4.When installing the linear vibrating screen, the four corners of the screen box to level.
Second, adjust and test run:
1.The spring must be in a vertical state, the contact surface of the spring upper bearing and the spring must be in a horizontal state, after the adjustment, the upper spring bearing is fixed on the trunnion of the screen box by the bolt and then welded into one.
2.No-load test run time of not less than 2 hours, no-load test run qualified, it can be put into the load test run, test load according to process test requirements.