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Installation preparation and adjustment of vibrating sieve

Post Date: 2018-07-10

Preparation of vibrating sieve before installation
1.Check the motor signs are consistent with the requirements;
2.With 500 V megohmmeter insulation resistance measurement, the value of the stator winding should be dried, drying temperature can not exceed 120 ℃;
3.Check the motor fasteners, beware of loose;
4.Check the motor surface for damage, deformation;
5.Check whether the flexible rotation, if abnormal, it should be excluded;
6.Check the power, whether the lack of phase, and no-load operation for 5 minutes.

Rotary vibrating sieve installation and adjustment
1.The equipment motor should be fastened on the mounting surface, the mounting surface must be smooth, smooth;
2.The motor can be installed horizontally
3.The motor lead with four-core rubber cable YZ-500V, then the power cord lead wire is not allowed to have bend, and fixed with vibration body;
4.The motor should be reliably grounded, there are grounding devices in the motor, lead the end of a sign, you can also use the firm foot bolts grounding;
5.Exciting force adjustment.