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How to prevent screen mesh being blocked?

Post Date: 2019-03-27

  1. For those materialswith many sheet granules, we need to change the way of material crushing and use different way of crushing processes to get matched granularity and make sieving aim concrete and specific.
  2. For material whose moisture is greater than 5%, if the material need to be dried unconditionally, we should select specific screen mesh and mesh size to avoid damage to the screen surface!
  3. When the screening size is small, we must pay attention to the water content value of the material. When the material is fine-grained, has more clay content, the moisture content plays a decisive role to mesh clogging.
  4. Reasonably adjust the tension of screen mesh is a kind of effective method to reduce the blocking of screen mesh. The reasonable tension makes the screen mesh and the support beams vibrate mildly and secondarily, which effectively reduce blocking and guarantee the normal operation of the screen mesh! You may do so by making tension hooks into a constant force tensioning mechanism. That is to say making tensioning bolts equipped with spring. So you can avoid blocking phenomenon, improve the effect of vibration, and make the vibration efficiency higher.