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Coal slime dewatering screen(shaker) overview and characteristics

Post Date: 2018-07-10

Overview of coal slime dewatering screen (shaker): Coal slime dewatering screen is developed by our company specifically for washing plant off the mud, dehydration vibration grading equipment. The series dewatering screen using single flange exciter, dragged by the two motors outside the self-synchronous rotation of the reverse direction, so that the sieve body along the linear direction for periodic reciprocating motion, in order to achieve the purpose of grading dehydration.
Usage of Slime dehydration screen: High-frequency coal slime dewatering screen is a special equipment for slime dehumidification operation, widely used in coal slime recovery, pressure filtration thick, filter coarse and other fine materials dehydration, recycling operations.
Coal slime dewatering screen technical features: Coal slime dewatering screen mainly composed by the screen box, exciter, support system and motor, has the following characteristics: The screen machine as a whole horizontal installation, the screen was negative angle installation, in order to ensure the mandatory dehydration screen can choose stainless steel composite screen, tension installation, or stainless steel welding seam sieve, compression installation, to meet different needs; frequency can be adjusted at any time by the vibration frequency in order to achieve the best dehydration effect.

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