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Application of vibrating screen in Magnetic Material Production Process

Post Date: 2018-07-10

First, the problems of vibrating screen in the process of magnetic material production.
The size of the magnetic particle is an important factor affecting the performance of the magnetic composite material, the fineness determines its value, so in the production process, the use of screening machine is to ensure the basic material fineness of the guarantee; due to the magnetic material, high hardness, viscosity and other characteristics , So in the screening process, easy to interacting adsorbate, plug the net, and dust, polluting the environment and waste of raw materials and other issues. Therefore, the screening problem is a major disturbance in the production of magnetic materials.
Second, the solution of magnetic material screening problem
Gaofu company for the characteristics of magnetic materials, research and development and production of magnetic materials dedicated screening machine - centrifugal sifter machine. Because of the use of centrifugal sifter with direct loading network, air atomization spray over the network technology, in one fell swoop to solve the sticky magnetic materials, easy to plug the screen screening problems; centrifugal sifter and dust collector and other equipment used in conjunction, that is to solve the dust and pollution problems, and do not waste raw materials, the use of the environment and double the economic value. The magnetic material for the special centrifugal sifter is liking to add a lung in the production process.